Mouthguard Straps

Mouthguard Straps

Keystone Industries offers easy-to-attach helmet straps to be used with Pro-form mouthguards. The strap works great for any sport that has a helmet, such as football, hockey and lacrosse. The strap is especially helpful due to its safety release feature. This allows the mouthguard to break away under less than 12 pounds of pressure. The straps come in black or clear and sold in packages of 12 or 25.

- Available Colors: Black, Clear
- Available in 12/Pkg or 25/Pkg

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9597340Mouthguard Straps Mouthguard Strap - Black12/Pkg$11.70
9597360Mouthguard Straps Mouthguard Strap - Black25/Pkg$18.60
9597400Mouthguard Straps Mouthguard Strap - Clear12/Pkg$11.70
9597420Mouthguard Straps Mouthguard Strap - Clear25/Pkg$18.60